Wild Apricot Pricing & Login

According to Google Trends searches for Wild Apricot are on the rise. The top searches are Wild Apricot Pricing, Wild Apricot Login, and Wild Apricot Reviews. The top countries are Australia, U.S., and Canada.

An interesting facts about Wild Apricot, concerning our experience over the past 10 years, is that the platform continues to evolve and push the envelop allowing both more flexibility for customization and the addition of user driven wishlist features. One such push was the move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) according to the April 2017 Newsletter. Faster is better!

a 33% spike in search for Wild Apricot means [perhaps] there is more demand for this leading Membership & Events Management Platform. By May 22nd, interest peaked. At the end of the day what does this Google Trend report really tell us about Wild Apricot user interest? Perhaps the answer is in the query types.

The 3rd search query may indicate that those who have an interest in the platform and are looking for some input from current and/or past users. Wild Apricot has a Testimonials page. The other 2 searches, Wild Apricot Pricing and Wild Apricot Login [adding a login], are specific information gathering and addressing technical needs.

The final indicator of raising interests in wild Apricot is shown by country. Australia leading the search volume followed by US and Canada.


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