Wild Apricot Custom Themes

 One of the biggest challenges an organization can face whenWild Apricot selecting a Wild Apricot theme is how to make that theme more custom and personable to that organization. Well, luckily there is a solution – or more like 2 solutions actually. Read on…

Solution #1 is a completely custom Wild Apricot theme which will require the work of a designer and a developer to build it out. The advantage of a custom Wild Apricot theme is clearly that it is unique to that organization and identifies its brand. The disadvantage is that it can be an added cost the organization may need to budget and consider. However, if the desire is for a custom look and feel, then the investment is justified and thus becomes part of the overall branding efforts.

The 2nd solution is a Wild Apricot theme refinement or spruce. In this option, the organization [if it is ok] can share the same theme others may be utilizing but request the assistance of a Wild Apricot theme developer to assist with some of the more detailed theme refinements such as adding the logo, creating a color palette to match same, and hyperlinks – hover states – navigation positioning. This is a less costly option, but again it means the organization uses a Wild Apricot theme that is not custom or unique to it.

Regardless of the solution you are looking for, Nicasio Design has over 8 years experience helping Wild Apricot users with the customization of their Wild Apricot themes and more. There are Wild Apricot JS Magic development projects, Wild Apricot Responsive Theme development, to Wild Apricot API challenges we have tackled over the years. So, if you are in the need of a Wild Apricot custom theme or a refinement of a default Wild Apricot theme – why not call on the experts?

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