Is Wild Apricot Right for Us?

How do I know if Wild Apricot is the right membership platform for our organization? Good question – and if you are not asking yourself that question, then perhaps you should. Making a switch from one platform to another is not to be taken lightly. One should ask a lot of questions, test the next platform, and eventually decide if the offerings offset the setbacks.

When a new client approaches us for a consultation we typically ask the question; are you familiar with the admin / backend of Wild Apricot? Have you had a chance to use it and test it out? If the answer is no, we encourage the client to do so. Not becoming familiar with the platform means you will be at a disadvantage when the migration is completed. How so? Well… if you want to manage an organization, and the tools at your finger tips are not mastered – then how effective can you be at that task?

Wild Apricot offers a free account signup, and new users must take advantage of it cause it is free 🙂 here are some resources to help you get started:

Wild Apricot Checklist 

Video Tutorial Library cause who doesn’t like a good video

Using the Wild Apricot Dashboard

The Help Panel

The Full Help Library 

Finally, you can Contact Us at Nicasio Design for any help concerning your Wild Apricot experience. We can design solutions, develop processes, and extend the functionality with the Wild Apricot API. Check out some our Wild Apricot Design and Development Services.


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