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Appealing Nicasio WordPress Design Examples

Appealing WordPress Design Examples and How it Can Help Your Business What was once “just” a blogging platform, WordPress has become a prominent leader in the content management arena. One reason for this is the level and flexibility of aesthetic, technical and social media customization – the amazing array and quality of WordPress design that is possible on […] read more.

Mobile applications, platforms, and marketplaces.

Why is a ‘dream team’ of investors – which include Google, Virgin Mobile Founder Sir Branson, to WordPress man Matt M., investing in Expa? Is the future of venture capital in tech really mobile development? This move may be an indication of that. A testing of the waters you may say. At the helm is Garrett Camp. Let’s […] read more.

Reasons for using WordPress

In a recent article published by  Josic – 5 reasons for [well almost 5 good reasons] were expressed as to ‘Why Small Businesses Should Choose WordPress.’ Why do I say almost 5? Let’s see below: 1. It is easy to install: I agree – there was a time where a manual process was required and today… a few click […] read more.