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Appealing WordPress Design Examples and How it Can Help Your Business

What was once “just” a blogging platform, WordPress has become a prominent leader in the content management arena. One reason for this is the level and flexibility of aesthetic, technical and social media customization – the amazing array and quality of WordPress design that is possible on this incredibly popular platform. But not all custom WordPress websites are created equal.

Some pretty big players are jumping on the WordPress bandwagon – from prestigious non-profits to legal associations to chic restaurants and home developers. Hiring a professional team to create a custom WordPress design that speaks directly to their audience, is one major key to success, taking a site from good to great, turning site visitors into customers.

What makes a WordPress design great?

So what makes for a custom WordPress website stand out and reins in customers? Visual appeal is important to convey quality and credibility. The visual image, and its relationship to informational resources, should satisfy a need or desire that the user is seeking. A site visitor who is hungry will be motivated to become a customer by delicious-looking food, a person who is seeking the security of insurance will be reassured by images that convey warmth and safety, and someone looking for a business service will be inspired to become a client when they see images that convey success.

More importantly, though, is that the page itself be user-centric, and we know that users are very impatient. They scan webpages quickly, and don’t want to jump through hoops to find the information they are seeking. They don’t want to guess which link might provide their answer, they don’t want to search too long, and they don’t want to read a research paper to find an answer.

It takes quite a bit of professional and creative savvy to figure out how to capture an audience’s attention and lead them where they need to go, as quickly and simplistically as possible, providing a passage to all the answers and services they might be seeking in record time, and without clutter or confusion.

Examples of professional custom WordPress design by Nicasio Design

Nicasio Design provides some excellent examples of what truly professional WordPress design can achieve:

Cahill Homes has a dazzling and enticing custom WordPress website and content templates that seamlessly represent their business, clients and potential buyers all at the same time. The site showcases the company’s properties and homes while making all information readily available to site visitors.

Cahill Homes

The Rockefeller Group has a site that is dynamic, content rich, functional and visually impressive. The site includes a featured-content slider, post taxonomies and a custom portal. Visitors can get the details they need with just a couple of clicks, from property listings with individualized navigation to photo galleries, agent listings and more.

The Rockefeller Group

AFK Insider sports an informative and functional news design that allows site visitors to scan headlines quickly and retrieve the stories that interest them. Highly customized JavaScript and jQuery coding, along with custom-post functionality make the site very user friendly and easy-to-maintain and update on the back end.

AFK Insider

fassforward Consulting Group has a high impact design that highlights the key elements of their business. An interactive banner image features dynamic scheduling so that specific banners appear at certain times, links to social networking sites and editable, search-engine-friendly content areas for excellent SEO.


Hiring professionals for custom WordPress design

Above are just a few examples of the diversity and business-building that are possible through a professional WordPress design that takes all a site visitor’s needs into account, along with the behind-the-scenes needs of the business itself. Nicasio Design’s portfolio showcases more examples. It’s hard to imagine a more worthy investment, when so much business starts right here on the World Wide Web, and businesses must compete to grab the attention of potential customers and meet their needs quickly and easily, with a high-quality and visually enticing presentation.

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