Monthly Archives: August 2012

10 reasons you need a new website

You want to be the top dog, but you aren’t.  That is ok – A new website can make you look that way until you actually get there. With this generation, people look things up on the internet – not in a phone book. Your business isn’t growing as you hoped. Your site does not look well on […] read more.

Mommy Noire – Custom Development

Site: Task: Moguldom Media Group needed a brand new site developed, tested, debugged and launched in less than a week. While this is far from an ideal situation, it was certainly not impossible. Solution: By utilizing two developers working in tandem along with the site’s editorial and sales staffs, on strict rapid development schedules, we were able […] read more.

Custom WordPress Design – Coral Vista Villas

Site: Task: Upgrade from a DIY website to a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere with a custom WordPress design. Solution: Take a look for yourself!  It makes us want to go to Roatan! Before                                                   […] read more.

Is good web design important?

If you still think that good web design is not important, l00k again… Below is a list of website sections that draw the most interest from visitors. If these are not strong and engaging components of your website, now you know what you need to do: The institution’s logo. Users spent about 6.48 seconds focused on this area before […] read more.

Nicasio Design Video Production Services

At Nicasio Design and Development we are careful to only offer the services we feel our clients need and we can knock out of the park each time. With that said, we are proud to announce our new video production service. Please see video samples below, and let us know how we can help with your custom video […] read more.

Social Commerce

There is a new term being tossed around; Social Commerce. What is Social Commerce? And how exactly do companies turn Social Media into Social Sales. How are social platforms used as e-commerce tools? What is the sales potential of social media? Recently I purchased a pair of cowboy boot socks for a friend’s kid. How did I learn […] read more.

Find and Replace – Windows Live Writer

Do you use Windows Live Writer to write your blogs? Have you looked for a “Find and Replace” option? Yep – there wasn’t one! Well, there is, but you have to get the plug in. Download and install the Imtech Find and Replace Live Writer Plugin No more wasted time with multiple mispellings of words that are not […] read more.

Been Hacked?

A question on about socially engineered hacking has me questioning methods of securing information. A person can google information on me and go to a company and claim to be me. The typical “Mother’s maiden name” does not have the same security that it did in pre-Google times. A few ways to keep this from happening is […] read more.

Custom WordPress NA-YGN

Site: Task: Create an updated website that encompasses the Mission of NA-YGN. Solution: From Professional Development to getting the public information, the next generation of Nuclear Leaders is ready to engage the challenges of the 21st Century with their custom WordPress site!