10 reasons you need a new website

  1. You want to be the top dog, but you aren’t.  That is ok – A new website can make you look that way until you actually get there.
  2. With this generation, people look things up on the internet – not in a phone book.
  3. Your business isn’t growing as you hoped.
  4. Your site does not look well on all the different browsers – including mobile device and tablet browsers.
  5. Your site does not make your company look professional or successful.
  6. You want to blog, but you can’t on your business website.
  7. You cannot find what you want on your own website.
  8. You can’t find it on Google, or any other search engine.
  9. Your “Recent News” features a story that is strikingly similar to your “History” page.
  10. Flash was The Cutting Edge – if you have Flash on your website, you need a flash-free site, or a mobile site so that the site will be universally accepted.

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