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Nicasio Design Kudos

“I searched high and low for the right company… and that is worth something to me; Nicasio is it!” C. C. At Nicasio Design Custom WordPress Design and Development is our specialty. Customer satisfaction, being the ‘right’ company, for our clients – like MC it’s priceless.

Is your website in dire need of an upgrade?

Nicasio Design & Development is all about helping companies maximize profitability and harness the full potential of their web presence. We like to work with organizations that do in fact have a website, but may be just a little behind the times. There are, for example, very solid companies out there…but their websites are a tad bit out […] read more.

What is a WordPress Expert?

Official WordPress Logo

What is WordPress? …and What is a WordPress Expert? I’m being asked these questions more and more these days. So, I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my thoughts. According to Wikipedia, WordPress is a “free open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS), that’s built on PHP and MySQL. It includes plug-in architecture and […] read more.

Top 5 ways to Customize WordPress

Having a website has become a necessity in today’s world of web 2.0. Why? It’s because they give us such great versatility, intelligence, and freedom on a scale we’ve never seen before. Welcome to the digital world…where your website never sleeps. This list shares the top 5 ways creative people are Customizing WordPress… 5. E-Commerce Ecommerce is all […] read more.