Top 5 ways to Customize WordPress

Having a website has become a necessity in today’s world of web 2.0. Why? It’s because they give us such great versatility, intelligence, and freedom on a scale we’ve never seen before. Welcome to the digital world…where your website never sleeps.

This list shares the top 5 ways creative people are Customizing WordPress…

5. E-Commerce
Ecommerce is all about selling a good or service online. It’s pretty simple…you post pics and info about the product and provide a payment method like Paypal. But it does go deeper than that. If you really want to be successful, much thought has to go into the layout and flow the customers will take for maximum return. Nicasio specializes in this.

4. Go Social
Gone are the days of the static website. It’s no longer acceptable to just post your company contact info and call it a day. Successful organizations are integrating Social Media into every corner of their business, including their website. LIve Twitter streams, “Like” buttons, and all the other social options available these days. Nicasio will build you a custom wordpress design that allows your organization to maintain a strong Social Media presence..

3. Live Blog
Having a blog is a great way to get return visitors and keep your community informed with up-to-date information. Blogs can be standalone, or integrated as part of a bigger site. Successful organizations post an article or two every week and are sure to include good pictures. Nicasio specializes in custom wordpress design layouts for Blogs of the future.

2. Membership Site
Membership sites allow us to build large online communities. Some examples would be modern day juggernaut’s Facebook and Twitter…but also include smaller, tight knit communities like in Savannah. Nicasio builds Custom WordPress sites integrated with Wild Apricot technologies for a smooth ride and top shelf results.

1. And the #1 way is…
…to get a tricked out, “Custom WordPress Design” Flow by Chris Underwood … who “likes his beats fast and his bass down low”.

Now that you know what’s possible, what’s holding you back?

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