Monthly Archives: July 2010

Related Posts by Category Widget

Nicasio Design is proud to announce the launch of of our second publicly available WordPress plugin: Related Posts by Category Widget This is a customizable widget that allows you to feature posts that share the same categories as the current post you are currently viewing. This widget is obviously only shown on the single post page. Download Here. […] read more.

WordCamp Coming to Savannah

We just bought our tickets for WordCamp Savannah. This WordCamp already has an impressive speaker lineup and should be a great event.

WordPress Site Conversion: Savannah Inns

Many of our projects here at Nicasio Design are custom WordPress design and development projects. However, sometimes a client already has a site design and layout they like, but they want the power of WordPress for managing their site. In these instances we are able to take an existing design and implement it on the WordPress platform Savannah […] read more.

What Can Content Management Do For You?

There is nothing more frustrating to an organization then not being able to edit its website content when it needs to. The days of relying on the web guy to do this are pretty much over. Or, are they? In this article I want to address the concern I have regarding the growing number of organizations who are beginning to realize that there has got to be a easier […] read more.