WordPress Site Conversion: Savannah Inns

Custom WordPress Site by Nicasio DesignMany of our projects here at Nicasio Design are custom WordPress design and development projects. However, sometimes a client already has a site design and layout they like, but they want the power of WordPress for managing their site. In these instances we are able to take an existing design and implement it on the WordPress platform

Savannah Inns already had a static site and a separate WordPress blog. The goal was to combine the two sites and create one easy to manage system using WordPress.

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Design Tweaks

While Savannah Inns was overall satisfied with their existing design they wanted to make some tweaks when implementing the design on WordPress. We widened the layout, added some custom widgets and did a little bit of content restyling.

Conversion to WordPress

We migrated the data from their blog and static site into a single WordPress site. Using a custom theme we replicated their existing design while making some minor tweaks in the process.

The Result

The resulting WordPress site is easier to manage and much more search engine friendly since building the entire site on WordPress

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