Monthly Archives: June 2010

WordPress Site Launch: Gary LeBeau for Senate

While most of our projects are larger, custom design and development projects, sometimes a client just needs some simple theme customizations to meet their goals. This was the case with a site we recently built for the Gary LeBeau for Connecticut State Senate campaign. The site features a simple WordPress theme that we simply rebranded for the campaign. […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: Savannah Biz Ads

We launched the website for Savannah Biz Ads today. This was a pretty cool project. Savannah Biz Ads has an innovative approach that’s going to allow local businesses to advertise in both at physical locations and online through their company. This online/offline synergy is a significant bang for your buck in the world of advertising. We also did […] read more.

Functionality Revamp: Daily XY

While many of our projects are focused around custom design and theme development for WordPress we also do a lot of custom back end work with WordPress. Recently we completed a functionality revamp of Canadian online men’s magazine, Daily XY. This revamp included the development of a custom Google Maps plugin, MailChimp integration, Facebook integration, and numerous speed […] read more.

WordPress 3.0 Released

Well the same day we publish an article covering some of the new features contained in WordPress 3.0 RC3, the final version of WordPress 3.0 was released. Here is the video from the WordPress blog covering the launch and some of the new features. Exciting times!

WordPress 3.0 – What Does it Mean to You?

With the release of the WordPress 3.0 RC3 we are getting very close to the official roll out and launch of WordPress 3.0. If you are currently running a WordPress site or are thinking about running a WordPress site you might be thinking, what does this mean for me? I’ll attempt to break down the pros, cons, and […] read more.

Internet Explorer 6 Usage Below 5%

It’s no secret that IE6 (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6) is a security and web development nightmare. Microsoft has dropped support for the browser as have many notable websites, including Google and YouTube. So it’s very promising news that is reporting that IE6 usage in the USA and Europe has fallen below 5% for the first time […] read more.