Functionality Revamp: Daily XY

Custom WordPress Functionality from Daily XYWhile many of our projects are focused around custom design and theme development for WordPress we also do a lot of custom back end work with WordPress.

Recently we completed a functionality revamp of Canadian online men’s magazine, Daily XY. This revamp included the development of a custom Google Maps plugin, MailChimp integration, Facebook integration, and numerous speed improvements/optimizations.

Details after the break.

Speed Optimization

Through the use and proper configuration of a WordPress caching plugin, combined with code/SQL optimization across all theme files we decreased page load times by over 100%. For a site that makes money through page views this is a must.

Custom Google Maps Plugin

One of Daily XY’s main site features is their custom area maps that highlight local speed traps, places to eat and attractions. Through the use of a custom plugin the Daily XY editors now have full control over their custom maps right from within the WordPress admin.

MailChimp Integration

We also revamped Daily XY’s newsletter signup process. We tied their newsletter signup form directly to their MailChimp mailing list while also allowing the data to be captured in the WordPress admin and also emailed to a site editor. This allows all newsletter signups (highly important for a site that relies on page views and ad revenue) to be saved to several places, insuring data redundancy.

Facebook Integration

Using Facebook’s easy to use new tools we also added to Daily XY’s social media presence by adding the Facebook Like button throughout the site as well as an activity feed from Daily XY’s Facebook page.

Custom Content Management

We also added functionality to the WordPress admin which gives the site editors more control over the front end content. These tools insure they are spending less time setting options and more time on what matters – their content.

The Lesson

While it’s important to have a site that looks good, has good content is search engine optimized – it’s also extremely important to make sure your site is operating at peak efficiency from a functionality standpoint.

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