Monthly Archives: April 2010

Facebook Open Graph What Does It Mean For Us?

In case you live on Mars and do not know it – the Open Graph API allows pages on the Web to have all the features of a Facebook Page. Pretty neat huh? Read more here – Open Graph API – But, what good is a post about a new fandangled thing-a-ma-jig without an example of where I can actually see it […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: Unreal Studio

Our latest projects is now live. Unreal Studio approached us with some great ideas and a theme they wanted to use as a framework. Combine Unreal’s ideas with Nicasio’s creativity and WordPress knowledge and you come up with a site anyone would be proud of. Our in-house designer, Chris Underwood, created all of the custom header graphics on […] read more.

Nicasio customer Kudos

At Nicasio Design we pride ourselves in working with the best customers on earth! Often there is the occasional hard to handle client, nonetheless we strive overall to understand our client’s business, understand their challenges and needs – so that we can provide viable web based solutions to help then achieve their goals. Here is a recent client kudos […] read more.

The Importance of APIs in the Future of Web Design

The world of web design and development is changing rapidly. New programming languages, open source blogging and CMS platforms are popping up left and right, and there are more proprietary systems out there than one person could ever hope to learn in one lifetime. In this world it might seem like web design and development is moving in […] read more.