Facebook Open Graph What Does It Mean For Us?

In case you live on Mars and do not know it – the Open Graph API allows pages on the Web to have all the features of a Facebook Page. Pretty neat huh? Read more here – Open Graph API –

But, what good is a post about a new fandangled thing-a-ma-jig without an example of where I can actually see it at work right? OK. Levis seems to be rocking the API very well in its Online Store. The question is will this work for or against the store? Are 334 people liking the Slim 514 Jeans enough to make me purchase them? Or, will it have the opposite effect? For now, I am NOT buying the 514’s as I am now caught  up in finding the most ‘liked’ pair of jeans on the site, and when I find it – what if I do not ‘like’ them? Oh no!

Yield Software says that “Websites that add the new Open Graph features to their site can also add a tracking token–like the Google Analytics tracker–that will provide website publishers data from its new Insights analytics package.” I guess this is a good thing. But I really do not need another tool to look at and interpret do I?  Nonetheless, every time someone clicks on the ‘like’ icon at Levis, their endorsement will appear on their news feed on Facebook and therein is the power of the Open Graph API: It keeps giving back to the Matrix. Nice move Facebook. Give it away for the benefit of others self.

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