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Top 5 WordPress Design Tips

About the author: Dan Cannon is the CTO of Nicasio Design. Follow Dan on Twitter. With WordPress gaining in popularity at an exponential rate there are more and more sites out there running on WordPress. Some are running on pre-made themes, some are running on custom designs. Regardless of how your WordPress Site’s design will be implemented the […] read more.

WordPress Chuck Norris Facts

About the author: Dan Cannon is the CTO of Nicasio Design. Follow Dan on Twitter. I would wager that by now you have at least heard about the Chuck Norris facts floating around the Internet. I ran across some tech related ‘Facts’ the other day and this inspired me to write some Chuck Norris WordPress/Web Design Facts. Facts […] read more.

WordPress E-Commerce Site Launch

Nicasio Design is proud to announce the launch of one of our latest WordPress sites for Dr. Barbara Goschi. Dr. Goschi needed a highly customized content management system and e-commerce site launched where she could sell her products, sell her advice, communicate with her patients/readers, and outline her services. The solution we chose to build out her custom […] read more.

WordPress as a CMS – Part 2

On Wednesday we published an article covering the usage of WordPress as a CMS and some of the basics behind the concept. Today we follow up the theory article with some actual real world experience. After the break you will find several examples of some innovative ways that WordPress is being used as a content management system. Examples […] read more.

Launch of American Ion

American Ion has an exciting new product that can keep the air in your home, office, etc clean of bad smells, allergens, and some viruses. They have a great product and needed a website that could get them off the ground quickly and also scale as their new venture grew. Our solution after the break.

WordPress as a CMS – Part 1

If you’ve been around Nicasio Design & Development long enough, you’ve probably noticed that we’re always talking about using WordPress as a CMS. But what exactly is this CMS thing anyway, and why should you use it? Let’s break it down. CMS stands for content management system. WordPress’ administrative area turns it into a CMS because it provides […] read more.

Bi-Weekly WordPress Design Tip

First in a new series of quick tips we’re going to start publishing on good WordPress Design. Tip #1: The sidebar is not a Christmas Tree and you should not decorate it as such. The sidebar of your WordPress site is an extremely valuable area that allows you to show your users content that, for whatever reason, works […] read more.

Why Custom WordPress vs. Free WordPress?

If you’re like most people you’re always looking for ways to cut expenses out of your budget.  And right now, spending money on a custom WordPress design may seem like an extra expense that you just can’t seem to justify, especially not when there are free WordPress templates out there that you can simply tweak a little to […] read more.

View From Our Office

We’re loving the new office – and the view! What do you see out your office window? For size reference notice how small the tug boat on the left looks!

Dynamic Headers Hits 30,000 Downloads

Our very first publicly released WordPress plugin – Dynamic Headers – officially reached 30,000 downloads today! I just happen to check out the plugin stats page right after it happened and I was able to grab a screenshot. This may not seem like a lot compared to some plugins, but it’s only been out 9 months! Thanks to […] read more.

Good Blog. Bad Blog: Making Your WordPress Site Stand Out from the Crowd

We’ve all seen it. That hideously ugly WordPress design that either causes us to cringe in pain as we struggle to close the screen, or inspires us to call a couple friends over to laugh and point. No one wants that reaction, least of all a company with a message to drive home. In terms of WordPress design, […] read more.