Monthly Archives: March 2008

Netflix Support Answers

March 11, 2008 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Figuereo: Thank you for your email. Mr. Hastings makes every effort to read each and every email sent to him, but is unable to personally reply to all of them. Know that we appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback and comments. Please rest assured that we […] read more.

My Empty Queue

I teach an Introduction to Film Studies course at a local college here in Savannah, GA., and I rely on Netflix to save the day from time to time with its wide selection of films that help me support the day’s subject matter. I love the architecture of the site. Its ease of use. The categories which help […] read more.

FedEx Kinkos – to serve or not to serve

I went to FedEx Kinkos [three times now] for a simple printing of some 100 labels, and let me tell you – I am on day three and still do not have my labels. Why? I am glad you asked! Day one – I went to FK over on Abercorn by Best Buy. Upon walking in the line […] read more.

Google Talk

Perhaps I am behind the times, but I just learned about Google’s Google Talk feature that allows Free PC-to-PC voice calls. Basically, anyone can talk to anyone else for free as long as they are [both] online and have the Google Talk client installed/active. So, if I am not mistaken, what I am seeing here is the proliferation […] read more.