FedEx Kinkos – to serve or not to serve

I went to FedEx Kinkos [three times now] for a simple printing of some 100 labels, and let me tell you – I am on day three and still do not have my labels. Why? I am glad you asked!

Day one –
I went to FK over on Abercorn by Best Buy. Upon walking in the line was about 6 or 7 customers deep and there was one rep behind the counter. I was out! It took me 30 seconds to decide I was not going to wait.

Day two –
Visited FK on Broughton early in the AM and I was the second person in the store. Upon asking for assistance the girl behind the counter passed the buck to the other rep who immediately told her what needed to be done and, well she was my rep again. After opening my jump drive she downloaded my excel file and gave me a invoice for $29.00 and asked me to return tomorrow at “ANYTIME” to pick up my labels. I was happy. The process had begun. I was out of there!

Day three –
Walked into FK this AM, and surprise! My labels are not ready. They do not know how long it will take, and I am now to expect a phone call when they are ready. Honestly – I am beginning to doubt FK is making any money with this kind of service.

*Day four –
Finally received a call from FK. My labels were ready. They were very apologetic and discounted my cost by a few bucks. I guess – the discount at least covered the cost of my parking downtown.

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