WordPress, Usabililty and Your Users

If you have a Website or are thinking about getting one started, usability is a huge factor that you will need to consider. Not following usability standards will hinder you from achieving your objectives, as well as keeping visitors from coming back to your site, the site’s stickiness, and your ability to us your site to build loyalty and trust with customers.

In simple terms – usability can be defined as how a site’s visitor uses the site; in other words, how they can navigate the site and find what they want which loosely transcends into your site goals; however there is a lot more to usability than navigation and website usage. Things like behavioral and qualitative issues should also be considered. As a website owner trying to do this research yourself – it is often overwhelming to say the least. Companies often allocate massive resources, entire departments, or simply outsourcing usability research to experts in the field.

WordPress is perhaps the best content management system available today. It helps make the implementation and customization of usability pretty easy [for those who know what they are doing.] It does not come fully customized out of the box for you. It requires some work to have it meet your [business] requirements. You may try to customize it yourself, apply design elements / CSS, and heck you may even take a stab at achieving good usability. From our experience, we know that this can only be achieved effectively if you are familiar with the intricacies of the WordPress code structure. Usability is way too important a part of a website for a haphazard approach, and bad usability is a nightmare for your visitors. Note many of your visitors may never tell you this. What they do tell you with their actions is that they simply move on to other websites. Sites with better usability than yours. Trying to learn how to customize WordPress and thus putting your visitors through a rough time finding what they are looking for on your site is a huge mistake.

What’s the solution? Glad you asked. As a site owner you should be focusing on your sales goals – or whatever your core competencies are! You are not a technical guru! And we do not expect you to be one. Nonetheless, you ultimately have to make a decision; call an expert or do it yourself. So, if you want to sit at your computer for hours, days, weeks or even months trying to learn this stuff, don’t say we never told you so. If you can outsource it to a company that can help you make WordPress as powerful for you as it is for those other company whose sites you admire so much, Nicasio Design & Development can help you get these things done quickly and effectively so that you can focus on other areas of your business, thus reducing the un-called-for stress and headaches for yourself.

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