WordPress Site Launch: Telfair.org

telfair_homeNicasio Design, in collaboration with brightwhitespace, is proud to announce the launch of our newest WordPress project: Telfair.org. For those in the Savannah, GA area, The Telfair museums need no introduction. The Telfair Academy, Jepson Center for the Arts and Owens-Thomas House are at the forefront of the art community in Savannah. These internationally celebrated museums needed a new website with an advanced design that allowed them to categorize, manage and add new content pertaining to all three of their museums. A custom WordPress site was the answer.

More info and screenshots after the break.

One Centralized Content Management System

With three distinct museums all offering something just a little bit different, Telfair required a system that would allow them to manage the content for all three museums in one system, while at the same time keeping everything separated. Using some custom WordPress magic we were able to accommodate this need.

Management of Large Art Collections

One of the other unique capabilities of this site is its ability to manage large art collections. For the first time all of the Telfair’s works of art can be seen online and searched by artisit, medium or time period by the general public.

Robust Event Management

One of the main project requirements was the ability to manage hundreds of events and classes from within the site’s administration area. Now the public can quickly and easily see what events Telfair has going on for any time period!

Powerful Content Management

Finally a system was required that allowed for quick and easy management of several dozen pages of content. WordPress lends itself quite well to this task already and with some customizations we made the WordPress content management even more robust and easy to use.

E-Commerce Component

Look for the Shop section of the site to be online soon as we get ready to roll out Phase 2 of this exciting new WordPress build!

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