WordPress Site Launch: Ourlife Fresh

olfreshWe are proud to announce the launch of our latest WordPress build for OurlifeFresh.com. We were tasked with delivering a content management system that integrated Ourlife Fresh’s site content, external media, and their e-commerce system.

A highly custom WordPress build fit the bill nicely (as usual).

More info and screenshots after the break.

An Integrated Platform

Ourlife Fresh needed a system that allowed them to have a high level of control over their own content, pull in external content that relates to their celebrity endorser, Ruby Gettinger, and also integrate with their e-commerce component.

As usual the versatility of WordPress allowed us to deliver a highly functional, easy to manage website. Using a custom WordPress theme and plugins we gave Ourlife Health all of the functionality they were looking for and more.

The site gracefully incorporates some AJAX elements to improve the user experience without going too over the top with javascript effects.

Nicasio’s own Dynamic Headers plugin makes an appearance on the site as well; allowing the headers on each page as well as random images on the homepage to be controlled by the client through the WordPress administrative suite.

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