WordPress MU (Multi User) Site Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of easthampster.com a WordPress Multi User super site. At least we like to think it is.


Tom came to us exausted from having to deal with the dreadful issues which araise from having the wrong firm work on his passion’s web portal. “I am about ready to give up Felix.” He said to me – “This is the third time I approach someone about my site, and if you guys can’t do it, I am giving up.” Well, Tom is one happy camper now with his brand spankin’ new WordPressMU site. He is now able to boast about the following features:

1 – Manage his content.

2 – Create and assign featured blogger accounts.

3 – Provide his users with their very own WordPress accounts via MU features.

4 – Users are able to create galleries, upload videos, blog, and a lot more…

5 – Tom can manage and run his ad inventory via custom plugins.

6 –  Run site wide polls.

Check it out for yourselves. If you are looking for a WordPress solution and you are ready to give up, give us a call – let’s see if we can help.

Felix Figuereo
Nicasio Design & Development

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