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If you ask me what we do best here at Nicasio Design, I would have to say that we simply provide the best WordPress help WordPress users can find. We’ve been helping WordPress users optimize their WordPress experience by providing them with solutions we know work – everytime. How do we do it? Well, we either find a WordPress solution that’s proven to work well or create one. When customers first call on us seeking WordPress help, there are a few things I wish customers would consider before embarquing on their search for a vendor. Things like what, when, and how – I mean.

First, I think that in order to be able to provide a new customer with exceptional WordPress help we need to know a few basic things about you, your business, and finally your project. Learning about a potential customer helps us decide [mutually] if we are a good fit. A good fit simply means that there is mutual trust and that the business relationship is based on honesty. Think of it as the trust you want to have with your doctor or auto mechanic. Next, we really need to understand your business in order to gauge, together with step one, if we want to or can provide the WordPress help you are looking for. Let’s face it – no one can do everything, nor does everyone want to do everything. Learning about your project is perhaps the sexiest part of the process. Why? Well, think about it. This is where you get to test the knowledge of your potential vendor. Not only will this determine how good of a result you will get, but this is where you eventualy succeed or fail to find the right vendor.

Example: I once spoke with a potential client about his project and asked him three simple questions successively; 1 – How much money do you project you will make when your site is working 100%, 2 – What kind of a budget have you set for this project, and 3 – When do you want to get started? Needless to say, he was very clear on how he was going to make $30,000 a month, but had no idea how he was going to find the $5,000 required to get his project up and running. So, in learning about his project not only did he find himself lacking clarity of the source of his funding, but I also found out he was not ready.

The next thing we want our customers to have available when they reach out to us is all key players present. How often have you gathered information to present to a team, only to have them ask you questions about the vendor that you could not answer. I find that if someone really needs WordPress help, then he will ensure the decision maker speaks at least once with the vendor. It makes sense, if you want to hire the right team to provide WordPress help that works.

Finally, the most crucial thing we would like a customer to have when he approaches us for WordPress help is a desire to succeed. You’d be surprised at the number of persons we speak to who have no idea as to why they want to do what they want to do. This makes it hard for us to be able to help someone succeed. If you do not have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, then it is very hard to be able to describe what that looks like. WordPress help is what we do and helping people succeed is at the heart of why we do it. So, if you need WordPress help, let us know – we’d be glad to talk to you about it.

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