WordPress For Small Business

In case you did not already know this – WordPress is the Internet’s leading blogging software today. With its user-friendly features, this blog platform is ideal for beginners and novice bloggers. Small business, however, ranging from those who conduct online sales to simple information portals can use this platform for their blogs or websites as well.  In fact we insist they use it when they come to us with a new project. Why? Glad you asked. For one it is free and easy-to-use.

More info on why you should be using WordPress after the break.

Practically anyone can deploy, design [select a free theme] and publish their personal websites in a matter of minutes. Customizing the look and feel of your WordPress site is another thing. Nicasio Design provides professional WordPress design and development services to help small businesses get the most out of their WordPress site. One of WordPress’ most advantageous characteristic is that the contents of the website  can be regularly updated by its owner via an online editor, so keeping the site filled with fresh information is relatively easy and does not require calling your web guy. The WordPress personal blog or website works just like a regular website, only the former is far cheaper and easy to use than the latter. Small business owners and even big corporations can use the software for their online marketing, advertising or selling activities without incurring extensive additional costs like in the old days when it all was custom work.

As I have already stated WordPress is a very powerful blogging platform. It can be used as a content management system for any website. Its users need not be a website programmer [web savvy] in order to learn how to use it. WordPress as a CMS allows its users to create and design websites in just a few clicks of the mouse. By design I mean chosing from many free themes. By default it comes with some free design templates to choose from or you can hire a design expert [like Nicasio Design] to design and develop a custom theme for you. Creating, posting and editing the contents on the WordPress platform is not complicated at all, but like all new things – it will require a little learning. We train all our clients on the use and flexibility of WordPress – training is a common part of our project design and development process. Especially if we are hired to create custom functionality or a custom plugin.
Small business owners and big corporations can use our services to make their websites look professional and to set themselves apart from their competitors. Aside from that, WordPress is mapped by the largest search engines in the Internet such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. I know you’ve heard the term “Google Loves WordPress.” Hence, it can boost the website’s search engine optimization, which means the website has greater chances to be seen by people conducting online searches. Much like you found this article.

WordPress is created to remove complexity in designing and browsing a website or blog. This does not mean that you can design your own site or blog just becuase you are using WordPress to do so. Deploying a website that is professional-looking and creatively organized is no longer the sole domain of website programmers and designers thanks to a world of free WordPress themes. Even novice bloggers and inexperienced website designers can deploy a beautifully crafted website using a free WordPress theme. Apart from being free software, WordPress is easy to install and use – in part. The website’s content can be created, edited and posted without much difficulty using this blogging software’s WYSIWYG editor. The website’s appearance can also be adjusted to suit the taste of the owner or the character of the business. There are easy ways to swap out or manage the website’s header for example. Even the website’s visitors can find the site easy to navigate or browse. Depending on how well the site information architecture is laid out. Again – I have seen really bad WordPress sites, but let’s not blame the software – someone was driving that bus.  What I mean is that there often a need for making the site look and behave a certain way, and for that there are firms like us that help WordPress users achieve optimum WordPress joy.

Another reason why WordPress is a powerful personal blogging or web publishing software is because it also has a great deal of add-on functionality through WordPress plugins. Plugins are extremely powerful bite size pieces of functionality that can be easily added to a WordPress site. Becareful, easy does not mean it will do what you want how you want it done. Often we have to customize the plugin or ensure that one does not comflict with another. Oh yeah – it’s not perfect, but hey it sure beats having to pay $20,000 for a custom solution. Anyhow, a plugin allows the website owner or blogger to add functionality to the site such as surveys, photo gallery, dynamic headers, creating a special front page for the site (distinct from the other pages), subscription to page comments and book marking icons for social networking sites. Thus, a custom WordPress theme is a powerful solution for a small business giving it a  unique website with appealing appearance and marketing value to the small business owner’s products. All at a very reasonable cost.

With a self-hosted WordPress site, or a free blog/website account, one can start to understand the intricacies of the platform. In fact, I would recommend setting up a free WordPress site for yourself so that you can experience the freedom of the CMS. Once you’ve done that – you may want to deploy it on your own server [if you can] and experience another level of freedom as there is a difference from the free version to the self hosted one. Finally, custom design and development [if this is your desire] is available to help you maximize your business or blogging potential. Setting yourself apart from the other WordPress sites/blogs is not a bad thing. In fact, take my word for it, after a few spins around the block you will want it so bad!

WordPress from search engine optimization, easy of use, deployment of plugins to increase the site’s functionality – is without a doubt the world’s leading open source content management system. Whether you are running a small business, or simply entering the world of blogging, WordPress can do you right. Nicasio Design can help you with your WordPress needs whether they are large or small. We specialize in pushing the limits of the platform, and can help you gain a competitive advantage as we have done with our other customers.

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