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Custom WordPress DesignsThe web is quickly becoming more of the same. You will see the same design and same functionality duplicated over and over on site after site. Companies and bloggers are quickly losing their identities on the web.

How do we stop this downward spiral? By creating something custom for each of our clients. Something they can say is their own. Something that captures their brand, style, and personality and displays it to the world. Here at Nicasio Design we use WordPress as our canvas for cutting edge custom designs.

Custom WordPress Design

We have done many custom WordPress designs and development projects over the years here at Nicasio, but there are a few that stand out. Below you will find the cream of the crop for our custom WordPress sites. So take a look around, and remember if you ever want to capture your individuality and personality and splash it across the web on your own custom site; don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

And for those that think WordPress is only about blogging, they need only to see a few examples below to see that WordPress is a fully featured content management system, social networking platform, or whatever your needs may be.

Inside Sonoma


Inside Sonoma WordPress Blog

Inside Sonoma wanted to translate their idea of delivering “Wine Country Unfiltered” and bring it to the web. To accomplish this, of course they would need a custom design. Inside Sonoma was already familiar with WordPress and everything it brought to the table, they just needed that custom WordPress design to push their site over the edge. After starting completely from scratch and delivering a new logo concept, custom design concept, and functionality suggestions, the new Inside Sonoma website was born. We believe this site captures the idea of “Wine Country Unfiltered”.

Ourlife Health


Another Custom WordPress Design by Nicasio Design

Those of you familiar with the Style Network may already be familiar with Ourlife. They are the company providing nutritional guidance to reality TV star Ruby. Ourlife wanted to completely re-brand their online presence. They didn’t require a blog, but they did require a site that captured their company’s personality and new brand. For people who believe WordPress is strictly a blogging platform they need only look at Ourlife’s website to see a custom WordPress design that uses the WordPress platform 100% as a content management system.

Pelham Children’s Theater



Pelham Children’s Theater not only needed a site where news could be posted, but also a unique WordPress design that captured the feeling of the theater. They also needed to be able to share scheduling and general information with the cast and their families. What’s the solution? WordPress of course! We built a site using a WordPress as a content management system that allowed for password protected pages viewable only by those in the know, as well as a complete front end for others to see. Custom functionality included a sign up form for potential cast members that significantly expedited the process of cast registration for last year’s & future plays to come.

East Hampster


East Hampster - Custom WordPress Design

When the site admin of East Hampster contacted us, he was frustrated after trying to find a solution for a site he had been envisioning for some time. He wanted a site built upon user generated content. Content including news, blogs, photos, videos and discussions by the community of East Hampton, NY. He also wanted a custom design that captured his vision for the site. What we delivered was a fully custom WordPress design built on WordPress Multi User (aka WPMU) and utilizing a number of plugins – some freely available, some highly customized for this project. The result is a site where members of a community now have a centralized location to post news, content, photos, classifieds, videos, well you get the picture.

Savannah GIS Day


A custom WordPress Design for GIS Day Savannah

The Savannah GIS day is a special day in the GIS community where students and educators are brought together for a day of learning and furthering the application of GIS in our everyday life. To capture this once a year event and create a buzz on the web, a custom design was needed as well as the powerful content management and blogging features of WordPress. A little custom functionality was added to allow for content to be targeted to different audiences. Educators, students and site visitors were all provided with different, relevant content. This design stretches the limits of the WordPress templating system (it’s a good thing).

Coastal Allergy and Asthma


Custom WordPress design for Coastal Allergy

While we deliver custom WordPress designs to clients all over the world, it’s always great when we can help a local business by providing them with a great custom website they can be proud of. This was our goal with Coastal Allergy. We wanted to make allergies fun with this website (well relatively fun – no one likes allergies). With a custom design that captures the professionalism exhibited by Coastal Allergy and some frills like a custom flash header, we feel that we accomplished this goal.

Savannah Book Festival


A custom WordPress design for a local client.

Another local client, The Savannah Book Festival is an annual event that brings together many people from the world of literature. They needed a custom site that captured their unique look and feel. They also needed some custom functionality to utilize a custom search for their featured authors and their works. We were able to deliver both in one sleek package. The site also features a traditional WordPress blog, dynamic photo gallery, and streaming video.

Miami Offshore Services


A custom WordPress design for Miami Offshore Services

We tried to truly capture the title of this site in it’s custom WordPress design. The Miami Offshore website uses WordPress as both a blog and a content management system. Other than its standout design there wouldn’t be much to differentiate this website from some others out there. However you may notice a small functionality feature with this site – it is available in both English and French and uses a sleek toggling system to allow the end user to quickly and easily switch between the two. This was an absolute requirement for this site as Miami Offshore provides service for both English and French speaking countries. Parfait (Perfect).

Our Own Blog


Our Own Custom WordPress Design

We saved the best for last (maybe.) This site doesn’t need much background since you are apparently already familiar with it. We needed a blog to provide our viewers with content such as what you are reading now. We are using WordPress strictly as a blogging platform on this site and feel that it fills this role perfectly.

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