Custom WordPress Design and Development

If you even understand the word “blog”, you have also likely heard about WordPress.  WordPress is a free blogging tool that is much more than just your average blogging.  It is an intuitive interface that aids the blogger in creating the website environment they want for their readers.  This blogging tool goes above and beyond what the average blog can.  WordPress does have tools like templates and blog designs you can use for free, but for those bloggers that want more, there are custom wordpress design options that can optimize blogs and use WordPress as a complete CMS (Content Management System). Here’s how WordPress can be utilized to its full ability.  Since WordPress is an open source publishing application that can be used on a user’s web server, there are many advantages of using the free and cost effective features it provides.  More…

These are some of the advantages of using wordpress design as a Content Management System:
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a big deal when you are trying to capture targeted visitors.  WordPress automatically allows the user a platform that aids in producing organized content that is easily indexed by the search engines.
  • URL Customization – WordPress allows the user to create custom URLs via the use of placing keywords in the URL.  All you have to do is use effective key words.
  • Cost Effective – WordPress is a free service that provides the user with access to various plug-ins that aid in the creation of customization without paying any fees.  You can also have applications created at an affordable price.
  • Tailor Made Applications – WordPress offers applications that can help you shape your website to your particular needs.
  • Plug-Ins – You will be amazed at the plug-ins that WordPress provides for free that can link you to social sites, optimizes searches and other SEO benefits.

How do these options work with custom wordpress design?  This is where that old question “What’s in a name?” gets answered.  You can customize your own design for WordPress and convert your existing HTML website into a wordpress design and do your own updating without having any knowledge of HTML or any other kind of website coding language. Either way give us a call – we can help!

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