Are You Making These 5 WordPress Design Mistakes?

Indubitably, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System today. It not only facilitates effective and efficient web development, but also gives you the scalability to expand its functionality to almost unlimited ends. WordPress CMS can help you create and maintain a successful online presence with utmost ease and precision. However, to ensure its optimum performance there are certain factors that need to be considered while designing a custom WordPress website.

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Your custom WordPress website is the face of your business. It is the medium by which people interact with you. Hence, to attract potential customers, it is essential to boast an optimized WordPress website design that not only appears attractive, but also helps keep people engaged for improved conversions and ultimately better profits.

Without any further ado, here is a list of a few of the custom WordPress website goof-ups that can be avoided to ensure a tremendous custom WordPress website website.

1. Unpleasant Typography:

Fortunately today, there are a whopping number of fonts available out there. However, what’s essential is that to use them appropriately by making sure that your custom WordPress website doesn’t appear cluttered. It is advisable to choose a web friendly fonts while keeping your website objective in mind. Make it a bit subtle and simple, if it is a professional website, and try some creative fonts, if it is a casual website. Most importantly, set the font size that is easily readable and ideal to keep viewers engaged.

2. Limited White Spaces And Bad Contrast:

I have witnessed numerous websites fluxed with plentiful content, images, and other graphics, that is, less white spaces. Such designs seriously frustrates viewers as there is no space to relax the eyes. White space is basically the empty space on the website page with no or minimal visual content. It helps viewers to relax and stay focused on the relevant information with ease.

Integrating poor color contrast between the background and font is another designing blunder that can ruin your website’s visual appeal. Try to use soothing and simple colors that add to a minimalistic and elegant appearance, while ensure easy readability. For instance, white background and black font contrast is an evergreen combination.

Hence, to ensure a deeper visitor engagement with your website, it is essential to provide sufficient white spaces and use a readable color contrast.

3. Make It Responsive / Mobile Friendly:

It is hard to keep pace with the ever fluctuating web trends, however, it is vitally important to ensure that your custom WordPress website design has an optimized website design lifecycle and is updated accordingly.

Today, with the advent of Smartphones, tablets, etc., a rapid change in the visitor behavior is observed. The analytics have depicted that an ever increasing number of Internet access is being made from mobile devices. Thus, without creating a mobile-friendly website, you will surely miss a vast mobile user base. And, since there are an abundance of mobile devices featuring diverse screen sizes and mobile platforms, only responsive website design can cater visitor’s needs efficiently and cater to your audience base.

4. Don’t Forget The Search Bar:

Just imagine that you visit a website in the search of some information and couldn’t locate a search bar. Wouldn’t it would be annoying? Of course, it would be. Hence, to ensure easy access to the content on your website and reduce visitor frustration, it is imperative to provide them with an easily-accessible search bar.

5. Most Common Security Issues:

• Using AN Obvious User Name like “SiteName or Username” – This is one of the most common mistakes WordPress users commits. By default,WordPress allows you to select the user name you want. Therefore, make sure you select a not so obvious username so that your website can’t be easily hacked. To ensure utmost security, simply create a more secure and unique user name.

• Disabled SFTP – It is really important to ask your host to enable the SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) for accessing your website via FTP. It’s just smart.

• Poor Password – To ensure the utmost security it is advisable to set your login password to at least 12 characters including special characters and alphanumeric characters. Moreover, also make sure that you update your password on a regular basis.

• Failing to Upgrade WordPress – WordPress developers are consistently making strives to keep the platform updated, safe, and stable. It is advisable to confirm that you are using the latest version ofWordPress. Whether it is a minor or major update, with the latest version, you will be able to epitomize website security.

These are some of the common WordPress design mistakes that made quite often. Go through the above mentioned list thoroughly and try to keep them at bay while designing your custom WordPress website to ensure an intuitive and remarkable design that will surely help you attract and engage your potential visitors.

Author Bio: Maria Mincey is qualified outsource web development professional who is great at delivering focus in her writings. She works for Xicom Technologies, a software development company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

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