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Our blog, the blog for Nicasio Design, was made with the blog software known as WordPress. It dutifully helped us make our blog easy to use primarily due to it’s flexibility for customization and ease of use when it comes to making your custom blog the way you want it to be. I would suggest it to our customers in a heart beat, whether for personal blog or a business blog use for a couple of reasons.

The first thing someone notices about a blog is visual. There are over 700 WordPress blog themes on the main WordPress site for free but if you have the need, you can make yours look however you want and let us help you with your own custom WordPress site. Well, only if you have the need or the drive to get that done right.

There are also over 3,000 WordPress plugins uploaded to the WordPress site. Each plugin controls various tasks such as where your comments are displayed, where specifically you want your recent comments displayed or easily integrate YouTube videos to have video in WordPress and RSS into your posts. Again, if you’re able to make your own custom WordPress plugins, you still have that freedom, or let us customize an existing one for you.

WordPress widgets don’t have to be coded so they can be easily used with someone who doesn’t know much about WordPress plugins.

All of the flexibility of WordPress culminates into the ability for your blog to not actually look like a blog. Really, you’re able to create any type of site with it, business blog or corporate blog, or personal blog, and have it powered by WordPress and get it to the public.

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