WordPress woes? How may we help you?

themode.JPG Our customer’s success is our greatest motivation. The simple customizations we made to The Moderate Voice truly make us feel good at the end of the day about what we do. As we did for Mover Mike’s – Chris flexed his WordPress muscles to help The Moderate Voice reach its business objective; a cleaner easier to navigate WordPress site without taking on major design revisions.

Well, we made some simple changes, and created some custom assets and as a result here are a few comments from The Moderate Voice’s visitors concerning the changes Nicasio Design completed for them. Do you think we helped them make a difference?

“Much faster, better use of screen space, takes advantage of the browser display settings, and an overall brighter, cleaner look. It may not be a complete overhaul, as you characterize it, but the sum of all the smaller changes is a very big, positive impact, IMHO. Great job.”

“Immediately noticeable (pleasant even) design changes…”

“Nice clean look — good job…”

“Awesome new background…”

“Wide Glide…. I like it…”

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