WordPress as a CMS – Part 2

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This is the second article in a 3 part series addressing the use of WordPress as a content management system (or CMS for short).

Article 1 can be found here.

While many people are aware of the power and versatility of WordPress as a blogging platform, few are aware that WordPress also possesses extremely robust content management features.

WordPress as a Content Management System

Case Study 2 – Pelham Children’s Theater

Pelham Children’s Theater is a theater experienced designed to be put on by children, for children. Pelham’s needed a solution that would allow them to communicate their activities to the community as well as have a password protected area for the parents of the children in the play in order to convey rehearsal times, chaperone schedules and other private information.

Pelham Children’s Theater - Using WordPress as a Content Management System

Pelham’s also needed a powerful content management system in order to manage their public front end and password protected areas. Due to the different types of content involved, which included, pages, posts, schedules, calendar postings, image slide shows and sponsors a robust content management system was needed. WordPress filled the needs of Pelham’s beautifully. Using the very robust (though somewhat technical) plugin, cFormsII, we were able to create both a contact form and a registration form for the young actors. This plugin also allows for database tracking of the data from within the WordPress admin.

Using WordPress, some powerful plugins, and a highly customized theme we were able to deliver a robust content management system to Pelham’s that will help them put on many more performances in the future.

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