What the WordPress 4.2.2 upgrade means for you

WordPress 4.2.2WordPress 4.2.2 has been released and it has some important security fixes. WordPress.org highly recommends you update immediately if you haven’t already.

Noted Fixes:
– Fixes an emoji loading error in IE9 and IE10
– Fixes a keyboard shortcut for saving from the Visual editor on Mac
– Fixes oEmbed for YouTube URLs to always expect https
– Fixes how WordPress checks for encoding when sending strings to MySQL
– Fixes a bug with allowing queries to reference tables in the dbname.tablename format
– Lowers memory usage for a regex checking for UTF-8 encoding
– Fixes an issue with trying to change the wrong index in the wp_signups table on utf8 conversion
– Improves performance of loop detection in _get_term_children()
– Fixes a bug where attachment URLs were incorrectly being forced to use https in some contexts

Per WordPRess.org – Earlier versions 4.2 were affected by critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could enable anonymous users to compromise a site. 4.2.2 WordPress upgrade includes a ‘comprehensive’ fix for the cross-site scripting issue. 4.2.2 also fixes 13 other bugs which you can learn more about on the release notes page for 4.2.2.

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