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Case Study: A Robust but Easy-to-Use Site Built on Wild Apricot Website –

The Problem –
The old Windermere Island website was dated, and lacked a user friendly CMS for managing memberships, events, and internal organizational communications.

The Solution –
Enter Wild Apricot and Nicasio Design Custom Wild Apricot Theme Services. With Wild Apricot the client can now manage membership, events, and internal communications. The Nicasio Design Custom Wild Apricot Theme Package includes:

  • A Design Consultation
  • A Wireframe Design
  • A Custom Website Design Comp
  • Development on the Wild Apricot platform
  • DNS Switch & Launch

See before the Nicasio Design Custom Wild Apricot Theme Services project completion here:

Old Windermere Island Website

Old Windermere

Customer Kudos Too!
“FYI, have gotten very positive feedback from those who have logged on to the new site. They love the look of the site, and the ease of navigation. Well done!”
Holly S.

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