Wild Apricot Website

Wild Apricot Website
What is a Wild Apricot Website?

What is a Wild Apricot Website?

A: a website designed and running on the Wild Apricot Membership and Events Management platform. Note however that not all Wild Apricot websites are made of the same stuff, and by stuff I mean not all have earned a shiny gold star. So, what makes a website running on the Wild Apricot Membership and Events Management platform shine? What are the options for someone starting out with Membership and Events Management on Wild Apricot Platform when it comes to website design and development. How hard is it to use the Wild Apricot Membership and Events Management platform? Who oh who can help me,  with my Wild Apricot website?

What makes a Wild Apricot website shine?

The number 1 thing we keep running into when we research what makes a website shine is the term Minimalist Design. What is meant by Minimalist Design? Pro-domain says “Your website should look clean and uncluttered. Minimalist design makes it easy for visitors to concentrate on the content.”  Here is an example of a Nicasio Design Minimalist Design:

The Italian Cultural Center – note the minimal amount of text or content there is on this  wild apricot website’s homepage and especially in the homepage banner are. Notice how each section is compartmentalized to a specific call to action and well defined and concise piece of information. This wild apricot website should win us an award! Another gold star.






What are my options for a Wild Apricot website design?

At Wild Apricot, they took a lot of the guesswork out of finding help for you when it comes to a new Wild Apricot website. We are part of an elite group of partners who offer a full set of services for all customers.  Since 2008 Nicasio Design has led the charge with creating and sharing Wild Apricot website solutions. From our first custom Will Apricot website to our most recent work the Nicasio Design team has been honored in helping over 1,000 Wild Apricot customers.

How hard is it to use a Wild Apricot website?

If you are a DIY person, then there is an entire library of Wild Apricot website themes you can choose from and customize or brand a theme to make it shine for you. The challenge, as always, is finding which theme meets your needs best, and which theme is easy for you to refine to meet your exceptions. If you get stuck, however we are here to help.

Who  can help me with my Wild Apricot website?

We would always take on new customers needing help with their Wild Apricot websites, however we also know when we are either too busy to help or know there is a more cost effective free solution available from other Wild Apricot Partners. Nicasio Design shares the love. There are 3 main resources for help with Wild Apricot websites:

  1. The Wild Apricot Knowledge-base or Help Articles and their support portal
  2. Professional Wild Apricot Partners
  3. The Facebook Wild Apricot User Group

Where can I see examples of Wild Apricot websites?

At Nicasio Design we pride ourselves in helping our Wild Apricot customers. Here are some visuals of some of our recent project: Nicasio Design Wild Apricot Website Portfolio

We also love helping customers out of a pickle once in a while time and production schedule permitting. Here are some examples of Wild Apricot websites we have rescued from the doldrums: Nicasio Design Before & After

Nicasio Design is here to help. Just drop us a line. Or, give us a call at 912-441-7011. Either way, we can help guide you through to a shiny and awesome looking and functional Wild Apricot website.

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