Wild Apricot Tips & Tricks, Part 3: JavaScript Magic

javascript magicIn this our 3rd article on Tips & Tricks to optimizing your Wild Apricot website, we present the multiple uses and affects of JavaScript Magic on the platform. Though we may not have a visual for every example we list, please note that these are all attainable solutions we have worked on for Nicasio Design clients over the years.

So, let’s start out with the public facing Nicasio Design Language Toggler we gave away  to the community a few years back. Specifically let’s look at the 3rd step; adding the javascript. For access to the actual javascript code click here. Pay particular attention to the 4 variables outlined which you would have to customize for your site. The result? See for yourselves. Examples of the toggler:

But what else can we do with Javascript Magic on the Wild Apricot platform? Glad you asked:

  1. Change/Replace text not editable via the template, gadget, or content editors. For example Registration, Events, and other default buttons on the Wild Apricot platform. Often client don’t want a button to read say ‘Pay Online” or “Recurring Billing” and we are asked to target and change the items text. Yes we can do that. Button Edits
  2. Change how some functional items like the Membership Application and Photo Albums work and look. And here the challenge it rendering the new layout or look and feel in a way that is invisible [the transition that is] to the naked eye. A good example of this is how the album preview on member profile. Another is hiding conditional membership application steps based on prior steps; Example – if you say Yes to an application question, then and only then would you see the other 3 questions relating that Yes. Otherwise, why force you to see them or chose from them if they do not apply to you? Yes we’ve done that too.
  3. Add functionality to gadgets like custom content “Accordions”, “Tabbers”, etc. This one is [hopefully] self explanatory. Just like Events and Membership forms, we effect the corresponding gadgets when needed/required by our clients.
  4. Add custom Language Togglers. Just as I have outlined above. The Nicasio Language Toggler is a very good example of how we render or hide text, buttons, etc.. based on user action(s). It take a little creativity, but we figure stuff out. We do!floridamindfulness.org
  5. Add custom mobile responsive functionality. So, if you are using a non-responsive Wild Apricot theme, or one that has been modified and requires mobile optimization, then you can achieve this using some Javascript Magic as well.

This concludes our 3rd installment. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need help with anything Wild Apricot related. Contact Us or call us at 912-441-7011 when you do.




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