Wild Apricot Login Setup & Options

Wild Apricot Login Options

In order to perform administration, access member only pages and perform member self-service functions (edit profiles, email settings, etc), you and your members will need to login to your Wild Apricot site using your Wild Apricot credentials or via Facebook or Google + credentials.

You can always log in by going to your Wild Apricot site, or from wildapricot.com iself. In the logging fields you enter your Wild Apricot credentials, primary email and password, then click on login. To skip this step for future logins, remember to check ‘’Remember me’’ option before clicking on login. When any members are logged in, the login form is replaced by three links, log out, change password and a view profile button.

Here are some helpful URLs:
To send member login page access –

To send member to the password reset page –

If you want to display a login button rather than a login form, you can insert a login button gadget, which is displayed on a web page with call to action/title content (static or dynamic).

Think of the login as the door to your Wild Apricot website. If there is no clear call to action or door bell, then the member/user easily move to contact you rather then being able to self-serve this purpose. Here are some example of login form & Buttons from Nicasio Design projects:

Login Button/Text –

Action Drop Down Login Form –

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