Wild Apricot Drops Support for Older Themes

Support Dropped for 6 Wild Apricot Themes.

Wild Apricot has announced that it is dropping support for 6 of its older website themes.

So, if you are using one of the Wild Apricot themes listed below, let us know if you can use a hand and / or are in the market for a new improved look and feel.
Themes No Longer Supported By Wild Apricot are:
1- Blueprint
2- Clean Lines
3- Dark Impact
4- Granite
5- Treehouse
6- White Space

What does Wild Apricot mean by no longer supporting a theme(s)?
– It means they will not be testing new features on these themes
– Themes will not appear within Wild Apricot theme gallery
– Most importantly is the fact that “[if] you switch from an older theme that is no longer supported, you will not be able to switch back to it later…” Src – https://tinyurl.com/ljfl7jp

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