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On March 2020 the Wild Apricot team published the following article:

From a Wild Apricot Partner’s perspective – these are great pointers, however allow us to add a little chilli pepper to this recipe…
1. Maintain a Consistent Brand
2. Write Captivating Copy
3. Show Your Organization’s Impact
4. Provide Clear Calls-To-Action
5. Make Your Site Searchable (Search Engine Optimization)
6. Include a Blog on Your Website
7. Use Compelling Visuals and Media
8. Create A User-Friendly Navigation
9. Make Donating Online Easy
10. Simplify Your Forms
11. Link Internally
12. Make Sure Your Website Is Accessible
13. Be Sure Your Website Is Responsive
14. Include Other Ways to Connect
15. Invest in Website Security

We would add:
– ask questions of the Wild Apricot forums, and FB groups
– hire a Wild Apricot Partner when you can to help create professional solutions and save you time and effort
– don’t get frustrated, get help as often something that will take you hours will take a Wild Apricot Partner minutes
– measure, measure, measure, measure, measure your site’s performance using Google Analytics or any other metric
– remember to make strategic decisions based on a performance metric never at a whim as you are not the audience of the site

By Nicasio Design & Development a Wild Apricot Partner.

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