Why a Standardized Process

Some common problems associated with website design and development projects are wasted time, wasted money, ambiguity in scope, misinformed decisions, and many other errors related to communication and the execution of a project. Without a standardized process to help sort out the finner details of a web design and development project many, if not all of the above noted problems, are sure to prevail ruining well established relationships and adversely effecting a business.

Let’s start with defining what I mean by a “Standardized Process.” Think of this as the instructions that come in the packaging of most common ‘assembly required’ products in our society today. So, you have the desk or chair home now and you frantically begin to take out the parts one at a time. Some look pretty standard, while other, well just make you wonder ‘what the heck?’ Someone somewhere took the time to put a little piece of paper in the box for you. Yes! Those instructions. Guys – how often do we kick ourselves for attempting to assemble by simply looking at the picture on the box? Or worse yet, we try to assemble based on the picture in our minds which we gathered from the display item in the store? Taking the extra 10 minutes to read through the assembly instructions saves me the cost of frustration,  starting over, breaking something, giving up, and the look on my wife’s face at 130AM after about 4 hours of trying to do it right. The process is this, just for those who still try to assemble without the instructions; Open the box > remove all content > find the packing list slip > make sure you have all the parts you need to start > read the instructions > assemble desk. Any other approach may or may not result in a chair.  If your web designer has not presented you with a standard process for opening the box > removing content > well, you get my drift. If you are working with someone who says ‘I got it’ and that all you have to go on, run!

Next let’s look at wasted time and money. Like my example above, wasted time and money relates to the resources you have spent to get your project going. A standardized process will outline not only costs, but full project scope, and eliminate all ambiguity as well. An example of this is when we look around your office and make the decision to purchase that chair or desk. You do not build one – you find the place that carries that product. You go there or go online and make your purchase. When you open the box you expect that item. Simple right? Well, what if that product is not what is in the box? You all have had the pleasure or returning an item right? Fun! Not! Waste of time and money needs to be avoided at all costs. Outlining a standard process for your project is the job of your web designer. Insist on one every time. it’s the carfax of web development.

In the end it is your responsibility as a consumer to know what you are buying. If the vendor does not fully document timeline, scope, deliverables, and costs to you – t hen buyer beware. At Nicasio Design and Development we specialize in WordPress design, custom web design and development, e-commerce design and development. But one thing we do above all else is communicate the process we use clearly to our clients. It makes for win win every single time. Not every relationship is meant to be, and if the terms are communicated openly and upfront, then love will be in the air. I know corny, but we want to be your web design and development firm of choice. Call us or email us and we will help you get the website or solution we have been looking for or we’ll send you to a partner firm that can deliver it for you. A Web Design Directory For Free – Search Among Thousands of Affordable Web Designers

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