What WordPress Can Do

If you’re different than the average bear, you already know that WordPress isn’t just good for blogs. But hold up Yogi! Do you really know all that WordPress has to offer as a CMS? These are just a few of the ways that we’ve used custom WordPress development to allow our clients to update their websites as easily as writing an email.

  1. As a news or magazine site. Feature articles can appear on the first page and sidebar categories can take you to different sections such as Sports, Fashion, and more. Best of all, with some custom WordPress development by us, you can even have multiple authors contribute content without messing up the design of the site. Don’t believe us? Check out SavannahMagazine, a site we developed a custom framework for the back-end in just this way.
  2. As an E-Commerce Site. Yep, it’s true. You can use WordPress as a CMS to sell grandma’s specially-knitted socks. With a simple WordPress customization by yours truly, you can begin selling your product in just a few short minutes complete with product pages, thumbnails, descriptions, and of course, a shopping cart. Using our tricks of the trade, you can sell grandma’s specially-knitted socks (or whatever your product may be) on a site just as nice-looking as Amazon (or even nicer!) at a fraction of the cost it took them to get theirs. Check out the L5Remote site we built the custom WordPress framework for around their design. Can’t even tell it’s WordPress, can you?
  3. As a company site. WordPress is also a good tool to simply provide consumers with more information about your company. Just like any other site, WordPress can be set up as a CMS in such a way that there is a static homepage with links to more information about your company, members, and the services you provide, along with a blog. Cover All Technologies is just one example of the many companies that have taken advantage of our custom WordPress development to meet their needs for a clear, crisp, and fresh company site.
  4. As a Portfolio site. If you’re an artist or photographer, you can set up WordPress to display a large image on the homepage complete with thumbnails to view the rest, just like you’ve seen many Flash sites do. Best of all, unlike static HTML sites or Flash, the updates are painless and easy. Simply upload new images to a gallery using WordPress’ built in AJAX capabilities and wa-la, they’re live on the site with a simple short code inserted on the page.

Really, this is just a brief overview. Anything you can dream up, WordPress can do…or rather, we can do with WordPress. It takes someone who knows their way around custom WordPress development (like we do) to manipulate the framework to get what clients actually want, and we’ve used WordPress to build custom websites that realtors, medical professionals, museums, and other business owners can easily update themselves. Check out our work and see just a few more examples of the many other ways you can use WordPress as a content management system.

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