What makes WordPress Special for you?

As we prepare for the Nicasio holiday party, we took it upon ourselves to decorate our office with, yes, WordPress W’s. Why? Well, we love WordPress and dedicate a good portion of our production efforts to pushing the platform, functionality wise, beyond the premise of blogging platform [see our site launches.]  What makes WordPress special for Nicasio Design – like for many in the WordPress developer community is the flexibility it offers, however,  from the perspective of a business owner what makes it special lies more in the level of satisfaction our clients voice with using WordPress as a blog / cms / custom solution.

This past October the 2009 Open Source CMS Market Share Report was published and it concluded that WordPress [along with two other cms’s I will not speak about here today] dominates today’s market. As Dan Cannon reported “One of the most positive findings of this report is how satisfied users are with WordPress.” I am not surprised that the users of WordPress are pretty happy with the reliability and performance of the platform.

If you are looking for a CMS platform that is simple and beautiful, let us know how we can help. WordPress custom design and development is what we do here at Nicasio Design.

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