Using WordPress as a Content Management System

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When most people think of WordPress they think of blogging, and rightfully so. WordPress is by far the most robust and supported blogging solution available. However, if you believe WordPress is strictly a blogging platform you are strongly mistaken.

With the right design, plugins, and knowledge you can turn WordPress into a very powerful content management system, capable of handling even the largest sites. We will look at 3 sites that use WordPress as a content management system and address why this works over the next 3 days. So make sure to bookmark us, subscribe to our RSS feed, or add us on Facebook to follow this series.

WordPress as a Content Management System

Case Study #1 – Ourlife Health

The first site we will look at is Ourlife Health. Ourlife is a wellness and fitness studio that chose to build their site on WordPress due to its versatility and strength as a content management system.

Another Custom WordPress Design by Nicasio Design

Ourlife needed a solution that would allow them to quickly and easily make edits and additions to their content since they are continuously growing their brand. They also needed a quick turn around time on the project as well as an elegant, custom design. Using WordPress for this project was a no-brainer.

Using very few plugins and a post driven custom theme the new Ourlife website was born. By making most of the theme post driven most of the site is dynamic and will require no further updates by the web developers. The content writers and stakeholders will be able to manage their own content, on their own time, on their own terms. Most of the images on the site are associated with posts by the use of custom meta tags. This also allows for fine tuned customizations and puts the management of the site content where it belongs – in the hands of the site owners.

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