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According to BaseLine Magazine : “Small and midsized businesses in the United States spent $200 billion on technology [in 2007], with the lion’s share going to support and integration services, computing platforms and Internet access, as these organizations increasingly look to technology to help fuel their growth and increase productivity.”

We didn’t stay behind as we set up online payments so that now our customers can go online and submit payment as soon as projects are on production schedule and/or delivered. This helps us reduce the number of stamps, paper, ink, and envelopes we use to mail invoices, and increases cash-flow as we are paid instantly. To see our payment page go to:
[call me for access]

As many of you know – we have set up Ni.Kalkulator to allow the web to help our customers and prospects determine for themselves if a project cost is within their reach. As the article says – we are using the web to help us do business smarter, fuel our growth and increase productivity.

If you are looking for ways to use technology to increase your bottom line, enhance your web presence, improve customer support, position your web property – give us a call. It is still ‘FREE’ to talk to us 🙂

::Nicasio News ::

We have many exiting projects in the works. For one – we are revamping our Restaurant Online Ordering Interface. New interface, new design and layout, membership for express ordering, and many more options for our users.

::Translation Services::

Nicasio Design has translated multiple websites from English to Spanish. If you’re thinking of entering the rapidly growing Spanish web, let us know. We are cost effective and know the market well.

::Blog Spaces::

Don’t have a business blog yet? Well, Nicasio Design can help. We will be announcing the release of our own company blog in the next few weeks.

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