Updating WordPress – it’s not that easy…often.

Just because there is a WordPress Content Management System [CMS] update alert in your admin, it does not mean that you *MUST upgrade; disclaimer, if there is a big security issue that needs to be resolved by an upgrade on your version of WordPress – please seek the advice and/or services of a professional firm like ours :0)

old-wordpress.jpgWe have discovered that there is a learning curve that one must prepare for in order to keep a WordPress running smoothly after an upgrade. Too often we receive calls late at night where the WordPress site owner has taken upon him/herself to click the link on the dashboard that read “A new version of WordPress is available! Please update now.” and now their WordPress site isn’t coming up or spitting out unsightly errors all over the place. The first question we always ask is simply “Did you back up the site AND database before you made the upgrade?” Sure, it is possible that the upgrade simply involves some minor updates. On the other hand, it could be a significant update which requires you to learn the ‘hard way’ that these WordPress upgrades should not be taken lightly; it is often NOT a do-it-yourselfer. Upgrading and trouble shooting after an upgrade can be a time consuming task and probably not the best way to spend your valuable time. Shouldn’t you be focusing on other important areas of your business?

Many website owners will say they don’t need to update to the latest version. The downside of this theory is when new plug-ins are released they may not be compatible with an older version of WordPress. Additionally, you may be missing out on some new exciting features as well. Typically, when new plug-ins are released they were developed for the latest version(s) of WordPress. This can definitely leave you in a bad position when you want to use a plug-in to improve the functionality of the WordPress site; you are left stuck in an old outdated system that developers are no longer developing features, plug-ins, or extensions for. Again, if you are ok with your version of WordPress, then you may not need or want to upgrade at all, and that’s ok too.

So what are you to do? You obviously don’t have the time to sit day in and day out trying to keep up. You may want to be focused on all the other areas of your business. I know – Nicasio Design & Development can help. We can help you prevent pulling out all your hair trying to deal with challenges of upgrading your WordPress site! We can ensure you are utilizing and keeping your site updated with all the most advance features and versions of WordPress. Let us know when you are ready.

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