Two Nonprofits Get Three Unique Designs for their Niche

ClearHQCLEAR, and Ohio ACTE all serve an entirely different niche. Each organization faced a unique challenge to find a way to make their business more efficient and improve their ability to reach their target market. Their only common denominator is that they are membership driven nonprofit entities making them the perfect candidates for custom Wild Apricot websites.

The Council on Licensure, Enforcement, & Regulation (CLEAR) has been assisting individuals and businesses in non-voluntary certification for over 30 years. They needed a custom design that would accommodate their expanding membership and showcase their esteemed reputation. Nicasio Web Design & Development created a custom Wild Apricot website that brought CLEAR into the 21st century by combining the company’s traditional logo and color scheme with vibrant sliding images and clean layout.

ACTEAs a state Association for Career and Technical Education, the Ohio ACTE required a website that would stand out from competitors, but retain the existing brand of its parent company. We used design elements like color and logo to remind visitors of the ACTE’s national brand and added interactive feature images that appeal to residents in Ohio. From the font to the placement of the sidebar menu on the left of the pages, the new website shows that the Ohio ACTE is focused on serving its local members.

Three unique designs, three different niches, all of them are custom Wild Apricot websites. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

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