Two companies work together to make a WordPress Blog– Greatness Ensues.

Twilio BlogWhen the Manager of Community and Social Media Marketing for Twilio (a cloud communications company based in San Francisco, California) reached out to Nicasio to revamp their existing WordPress Blog– we took one look at their theme and said “Oh yeah, we can help!”.

Their old WordPress theme lacked in company branding making the blog look like something thrown together over night. Now, I can’t tell you exactly how much this can hurt a company’s image or persona (varying statistics & algorithms, technical lingo, yadda yadda yadda)– especially when a company deals with technology and software on a daily basis– but just know it’s not a good thing!

Knowing Twilio needed help with their WordPress site we quickly ramped up communications with multiple people on their team, including managers, designers, content editors and more to outline their requirements for the updated WordPress blog, their goals for the new site, and to discuss how our team of designers/developers would work alongside their design department to build a site that met and exceeded their expectations.

Long story short– real short considering the production time from kick-off to launch was 2 months– Twilio now has a completely branded, custom WordPress theme powering their company’s community blog and both Twilio and Nicasio are thrilled at the outcome. We at Nicasio are very proud to have Twilio as partner– and hey, they liked us so much they came back for another WordPress powered website for their non-profit organization We’ll post more details about this custom WordPress website as well in the near future.

For more details and screenshots of click here.

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