Top10 Wild Apricot Sites

It is not surprising that people still love “Top 10 Lists”. Membership driven organizations also love Wild Apricot. It’s common knowledge that when driving memberships using Wild Apricot as a platform that organizations are constantly trying to find new ways to connect with their potential members. We have taken these facts and have created what we feel is the best Wild Apricot related blog post of 2016: Top10 Wild Apricot Sites.

Below are some thoughts on how the list is comprised and why:

In 2016, one would assume a big percentage of membership driven organizations have a kickass website right? Social media and an official website are core ways (outside of direct mail) an organization can reach its member base. Via your website you could publish events, press releases, control rumors, and simply connect with them.

For membership driven organizations that do have websites: Don’t make the mistake others make in overloading your site with so much content and unclear call to actions. Your members and visitors do not want to navigate through so much clutter before finding what they are looking for. Or else, they will get their info from somewhere else and never visit your website again.

On a good note, if your organization’s website was designed and / or last revised in 2001, for goodness’ sake, get it redesigned! You are the leader in you genre (trade, non-profit, memberships, etc), express yourself on your website a little bit clearer.

1. The Young Men’s Business League (YMBL)
Connect. Lead. Serve. The Young Men’s Business League website though published in 2015, still rocks in that it makes for a easy to follow navigation, large visual, and massively simply calls to action like –
Social Media, Login, Donate, Register, Etc… It makes our list as #1 and continues to draw the attention and support of its member base. Good job Young Men’s Business League! Great site. Kudos!







The remainder of the list [with which I will not bore you with each single detail] you can visit the corresponding Wild Apricot website and see why they made the top list this year:
By – Nelson Design Group, LLC
By – Highland Creative
By – ContentPros
By – Grow Your Group
By – Site to be Seen
By – Merge Creative

By- Webbright Services
By – Sisters Web Design

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