The Success of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most efficient and productive blogging platforms available on the Internet. For example, people hosting Java often end up returning to, or discovering for the first time, WordPress. Its functionality and ease of use accommodates both new bloggers on the scene as well as those who have been blogging for years.

Both amateurs and professionals alike want their blog to appear attractive. WordPress offers literally thousands of themes that are unique, simple to use, and easily customizable. Bloggers can choose from one, two, or three columns, text styles, graphics, color combinations, and an endless variety of other details to ensure the blog suit’s the needs of the writer and the readers.

One of the most popular features of WordPress is its plugin functionality. There is a countless selection of plugins that can be downloaded and utilized for absolutely no cost to the user. By simply installing it to the blog space and activating it via the admin section in the WordPress site, the capability and innovativeness of the individual blog is improved.

WordPress also offers the auto ping functionality. Pinging, in terms of blogging, means that other servers are updated and made aware of changes or a new post to a blog. While many other blogging hosts offer an auto pin function, WordPress is one of the only free sites that do so. Others require that the blogger manually do their own pinging, which is both tedious and time consuming. WordPress saves bloggers the hassle of pinging.

WordPress also offers a unique, and very important feature, that they refer to as the track back feature. This tracks who is reading and responding to a specific blogs to create a network and links between the two. If a post is linked in another WordPress blog, WordPress will automatically create a comment in the original linked post as an effort to facilitate a dialogue between the two. Nearly all blogs are created without an established fan base. The track back feature helps to bond bloggers and open the lines of communication.

What WordPress users love the most about this platform is its overall simplicity. As an extremely user friendly program, most actions can be performed in a single click. Once WordPress is installed, the user can set to work instantly on their writing with the freedom to play around with the vast array of features as they go. No prior computer or web hosting knowledge is necessary in order to effectively publish a post on WordPress. Also, the site can be edited and updated from any computer with internet access. There is no reason to confine oneself to a single room to blog anymore. WordPress combines simplicity with freedom to create the best free blogging platform.

While there are other blogging platforms out there that may have more capabilities and even more functions than WordPress, none of them are without a cost. The best web hosts for WordPress can be found right here. WordPress is by far the highest rated free blogging platform, and is appreciated by both amateurs and professional bloggers. WordPress provides everything a blogger would need, and more, without a fee, and that is the best feature possible.

This feature is written by Carrie Donalds. She is currently working as a senior writer in one of the most reliable web hosting reviews company in the market.

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