The Power of Custom Wild Apricot Technologies

So, you’re looking to start a Membership site but don’t know where to start. The talented folks here at Nicasio Design and Development have the answer in plain English…Wild Apricot!
We are proud to say that Nicasio comes highly recommended for its “Custom” Wild Apricot design and development…

“I would recommend Nicasio Design – they have done amazing work for our clients.”  -Wild Apricot Support

“Why” you may ask? Well, its because our Talent & Creativity is unmatched in the industry! We specialize in making your Vision a Reality.
What does Nicasio have to offer?

  • Completely Custom Website Design
  • Completely Custom Layout
  • Custom Navigation Functionality
  • Custom Member Application or Event Registration Processes
  • Membership Database Imports
  • Google Site Search
  • Content Migration
  • Language Toggler Functionality
  • Custom Form Submit Buttons
  • Dynamic Page Breadcrumbs
  • Dynamic Page Titles
  • Newsletter Template Design & Development
  • Custom Javascript/JQuery/AJAX Functionality
  • Banner Ads Functionality
  • Integration of Online Payment Gateway
  • Custom Email Template Design

What are the benefits of going Custom?

If you’re looking to take things to the next level beyond the basic “template”… a Custom Wild Apricot Design by Nicasio is the only way to go. The problem with a template is your neighbor is sporting the same one. How many times have you visited a site and been unimpressed with their unoriginal set up, and never went back? Lets be honest here, if you’re looking to build a long lasting community of engaged members, you have to go Custom. CustomLogo, Custom Layout, Custom Flow…

Examples of our work.
  • HSHPS (completely custom design, layout, font treatments, and dynamic page titles)
  • NEDRA (completely custom design and layout)
  • WTCSD (site membership/ design/ member db migration, completely custom layout, menu functionality, banner placements, footer area, google search, and more…)
  • CoPEH-Canada (language toggler – English/French)
  • More examples here

Contact Felix Figuereo today to get the ball rolling. He’s a calm and patient man that will let you do the talking.
Phone: (912) 441-7011 and email: felix at

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