The Nicasio Design Pups

In this brief post I want to take a moment to highlight some of our best looking team members; the pups not the owners of course. They say that behind every great man there is a great women. I would add, behind every great web developer and designer – there is also a great pup! In order of age [oldest to youngest] ladies and gents, the Nicasio Design pups!
SawyerIISawyer is an American Bulldog, Australian Shepherd, Black Lab mix. He and Chris, Nicasio Design Lead Developer and Design Director, both enjoy long rides to and from Savannah Ga., to Texas, Pensacola Fla, and back to Savannah Ga.  As an only child, until recently, Sawyer enjoyed the full attention and care of Chris. But within the last year Sawyer has had to deal with the addition of new family [pet] members; Two Cats. I hear Sawyer has done well with the new kitties, and plans to take them on a road trip soon. I just hope Sawyer is a pup of honor and remembers to get the kitties back into the Mini Cooper after highway rest stops. Here [in this photo] Sawyer is shocked at the resemblance and says the artist definitely got his good side [circa 2014].  One word to describe Sawyer is “Big-Baby-Boy.” Ok 3 words.

Next we have Gordie Howe, AKA Short Pimp, and AKA Beefy. He is Zach’s [Nicasio Design Lead Designer’s] favorite four legged friend. They have been together for about 5 years now, and even though Zach broke the bro-code and got ZachAndPupmarried… Gordie Howe was ok with it even partaking in the ceremony wearing his own custom bow tie. Here Gordie is seen sharing Zach with the Mrs. Notice how Gordie has Santa’s full attention and is the only one on his lap. I hope Gordie also got all he wanted for Xmas 2015! PS – Gordie tells me he is ‘part jack russell and part bull terrier’ get it right Felix! One word to describe Gordie is “Beefy” cause of his muscular little legs.

Finally, there is Coco the Poodle / Bijon  mix. He is 4 and FelixAndPupresides with Felix and family. He loves early morning walks, Greenie tooth bones, and rolling around on the grass especially after a bath. Coco is the security alarm at home not allowing a cat, car, kid on a bike, etc… pass by the house without him letting them know he is here to bark at them. Besides barking at everything that moves outside the house, Coco also likes to eat human food no matter what time of day or what kind of food it is. If it is cooked, seasoned, and hot – Coco wants! Here you can see Coco getting his nap on. He allowed us to take this one picture and then closed his eyes, sighed, and turned his head in disapproval. Wait until he reads this post. I am sure Coco will want some kind of royalty. One word to describe Coco would have to be “Cuddle-Master.”

As you can see, here at Nicasio Design… we love our pets, and we love our work. Not to mention our clients as well. This is the Nicasio Design pet family. Now you know how we spend our evening and weekends when we are not coding/designing/talking business. The pups have it!

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