The Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Are Making Right Now

The last 20 months have been full of change and uncertainty for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Amidst all of the chaos, it’s all too easy to forget about cybersecurity measures; however, this is a mistake that could put your reputation and your business at risk. To help you out, Nicasio Design explains some of the top mistakes business owners are making right now and tips to avoid them.

Forgetting About Security When Working Remotely

 We all know that much of the workforce has started working from home. While this flexible arrangement has benefits for businesses and workers, it can also give rise to serious cybersecurity concerns and issues.

According to Forbes, remote workers need to take further steps to protect their businesses from online threats. Some recommendations include:

  • Downloading and installing software updates.
  • Separating work and personal devices.
  • Ignoring suspicious emails or phishing attempts.

The best way to ensure your staff makes cybersecurity a top priority is to set clear expectations and to have regular cybersecurity training.

Relying on Personal Protection for Business Needs

Hackers typically use malware to target remote workers, often through ransomware. Most home office antivirus packages don’t offer enough protection from this serious threat. If you run a business from home, it’s wise to enhance your setup with more dedicated protection. Without it, you and your employees could fall victim to malware that will lock your files and put a hold on your operations until you pay a fee. Worst of all, you may not know until the damage has been done and it’s too late.

A data management firm can provide enhanced protection that shields you from ransomware and a variety of other cyber threats by continuously scanning your data and using the latest security guidelines and protocols to suss out any weaknesses. In addition to protection, the right firm will provide a comprehensive recovery plan that detects and contains any immediate threats or attacks and quickly re-establishes access to your data.

Failing to Properly Secure Small Business Websites

 Another new business norm that may cause security woes for small businesses is the demand for virtual shopping and services. Ecommerce has seen a significant boom over the last year, and this has left small businesses scrambling to keep up and set up functional websites. Unfortunately, this rush means that these entrepreneurs often miss important security steps when creating their new websites. Here’s what you should be prepared for:

  • Spam: Hackers love to spam the comments section of business websites.
  • Malware: Yes, criminals can target websites with vulnerabilities.
  • Search engine blacklists: Search engines will block legitimate websites that are infected.

With simple measures like using HTTPS protocol and frequently updating your software, you can keep your website from being targeted by these threats and, in turn, keep your business protected. You can implement these measures on your own, but hiring a professional to build your website will not only improve security but also increase traffic by ensuring your site is user-friendly and engaging.

If you want to learn more about these processes yourself, you could earn a degree in information technology through an online university. These programs make it easy to learn on your own schedule while providing you with the skills you seek.

Posting Too Much Personal Information on Social Media

 Social media has also become a must for businesses, and one tip for connecting with followers and increasing your audience is to offer glimpses into your personal life. This helps people see the person behind your brand, and it can improve trust, interest, and eventually, profits. The word “glimpse” is key here, however, since offering up too much personal information in social media could also leave your business vulnerable to hackers. Criminals can use this personal information to exploit you or your employees, or even figure out passwords.

Keep your posts and stories interesting, but leave out the personal details. If, for example, your password includes a pet’s name, don’t share the names of your pets with your followers! Planning out your posts and content can help you avoid these slip-ups.

Things have been tough for all businesses, and the last thing you need is a cybersecurity incident to cause you even more stress. So don’t overlook the importance of securing your files, website, passwords, and other points of access. Don’t make the same mistakes that other business owners have, and keep your business protected.

Addendum: Privacy in the Digital Age is also a very insightful add to the above details

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